Canine Explorers Club


  • Provide opportunities to practice skills in a variety of environments: loose leash walking, distraction work, leave it, recalls, walking in groups, settle, and more depending on location.  

  • Every family has different skills that work for your them. At each location you will determine YOUR individual goals for that session.

  • Great way to continue your dog’s socialization with people and dogs.

  • Meet other like-minded people while exploring the beautiful city we live in!

  • Special sessions include: nose work, working with horses, practicing patio manners, and more!



Participants will have some basic humane, pain-free training under their belt, but are looking for additional ways to be active with their dogs and work on skills. 


Dogs that would be a good fit for this program are social with dogs and people outside their families.  This is a training opportunity, so we aren't looking for perfect dogs, just humans and dogs that can work in a group setting.


Some sessions will include longer hikes and a variety of locations, so choose sessions based on both you and your dog's best interests and what you both enjoy.


No choke chains, prong collars, e-collars, etc. will be allowed.



Canine Explorers will meet several times per month and participation is on a drop-in basis. You don’t have to attend every time, but will need to sign up for the sessions ahead of time so that I can keep the number of participants per session to 6-8 handlers.



Single session - $15

4-pack - $48 ($12 per session)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I walk/handle 2 dogs?  If your dogs are used to walking together, this is a great opportunity to bring multiple dogs. If your goal is to walk 2 dogs together, I would ask you start with 1 at a time and we can work up to walking both together.


Do I have to attend every time?  Canine Explorers Club is meant to be a drop in club where you decide which sessions you would like to attend. It is necessary to sign up ahead of time so I can keep the number of participants manageable.


Do my dog and I have to be in good shape to participate?  Some sessions will include longer, more strenuous hikes, while other sessions will be on easy terrain.  If you are unfamiliar with a location, feel free to ask me about it!


Is there a cancellation fee?  Cancellations need to be made 24-hours in advance so I can open up the slot to another person. Cancellations less than 24-hours will be charged the cost of the session.


When are the walks?  Dates and times vary each month, but generally include one weekday and 2 on weekends.  The time depends on the time of year, with walks being earlier during the summer (warmer) months and times shifting as the weather changes.  We typically walk at 8:00 am in the summer before it gets too hot and 9:00 am the rest of the year.

Practicing trail mannes
Exploring the Trading Post