Reactive Rover


  • Provide opportunities for reactive dogs and handlers to practice skills in a small group environment with a trainer present.

  • Develop/practice strategies for encountering triggers. 

  • Continue to learn and hone your skills in reading canine body language.

  • Continue your dog’s socialization with people and dogs.

  • Meet other like-minded people with reactive dogs while exploring the beautiful city we live in!

  • Special sessions include: nose work, Rally O, and others based on the individual dogs.



Participants must have previous experience working with a qualified humane, pain-free professional trainer on the issue of leash reactivity and are looking for additional ways to practice their skills.  


Dogs that would be appropriate for this program have worked through a lot of the reactivity issues and are no longer overly reactive.  While the dog may react to certain triggers, the human and dog have a working relationship that just needs more practice.  


No choke chains, prong collars, e-collars, etc. will be allowed.



Reactive Rover will meet 2x per month and participation is on a drop-in basis. You don’t have to attend every time, but will need to sign up for the sessions ahead of time so that I can keep the number of participants per session to 3-4 handlers.



Single session - $15

4-pack - $48 ($12 per session)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to attend every time?  Reactive Rover is meant to be a drop in club where you decide which sessions you would like to attend. It is necessary to sign up ahead of time so I can keep the number of participants manageable.


Do my dog and I have to be in good shape to participate?  Some sessions will include longer, more strenuous hikes, while other sessions may have flat terrain.


Is there a cancellation fee?  Cancellations need to be made 24-hours in advance so I can open up the slot to another person. Cancellations less than 24-hours will be charged half the cost of the session.


When are the walks?  Dates and times very each month, but generally are on weekends.  The time depends on the time of year, with walks being 8:00 am in the summer to avoid the heat and typically 9:00 am the rest of the year.

Haven't worked with a professional trainer on leash-reactivity?

Contact one of the great trainers involved with the Peak Positive Dog Trainers Association!

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