About Me

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Me and my goat, Buzz

Ruth Brunette-Means, MSW, CPDT-KA

Masters in Social Work, Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed

I have been training dogs since 2003 and delight in seeing beautiful relationships develop between clients and their dogs.  I whole-heartedly believe that dogs can be trained using pain-free, dog friendly methods.  My training methods include clicker training and lure/reward training, utilize treats, and take a very holistic look at the individual dog.

My career has focused on working with people and dogs in group classes ranging from basic obedience, advanced obedience, dogs with leash reactivity and shy/fearful dogs.  I worked with rescue dogs for 9 years through a local rescue and training facility where I was the head trainer and was co-founder of Southern Colorado Pit Bull Advocates.  

A few years ago, I chose to pursue a Masters in Social Work and a certificate in Animal Assisted Therapy from the University of Denver.  I am passionate about improving the human-animal bond, giving voice to the voice-less and improving animal welfare.

I was lucky to find Ruth soon after adopting my challenging, feral dog Cocoa and have been working with her for over six years. Ruth is calm, extremely knowledgeable and professional. She has been instrumental in helping me to gain Cocoa’s trust. Through Ruth, I learned a variety of positive, gentle approaches to communicate with Cocoa and teach him many new skills, all while having lots of fun. He is now a happy, well-balanced dog. We continue to work with Ruth because it is something we both really enjoy!


The human-animal bond can be one of the most rewarding relationships in our lives. Two by Four Dog Training's goal is to creates positive connections between humans and their dogs through relationship-based training.  Our programs aim to improve communication with your dog, hone your training techniques, and help you enjoy working with your dog.

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